Thursday, September 11, 2008

Writing writing--anywhere?

I haven't been blogging but I have been writing. I signed up for a writing class-because whether I write or not, I do identify myself as a writer. Since I signed up for the class, I have been writing more. And noticing more, too.

Here's a question for you. It was posed by one of my writing teachers in college, and I think it is an excellent and important question to ask, especially in a writing class.

When you begin to write, do you prefer to compose on paper or on the computer?

Whoa! This question really struck my interest. This was several years ago but I remember it vividly. I was one of a few people that preferred to write on paper (including the teacher). I'm not sure if this was age-related, because I was a few years older than many in the class. I think it is an interesting question because writing can (and does) take many different forms and mediums. So when I say I've been writing more, it does not equate to more blog postings (though in the future it might).

I prefer to write on paper. That tactile experience is often quite an emotional release and experience for me. Maybe not an emotional release, but the writing allows me to tap into my emotions better, and often sort out what I'm feeling. Typing on a computer is a lot less emotion-full. It does not provide me with the same level of satisfaction. This may not be someone else's experience. Power to you to discern. I know what I like, and I'm doing it!

So celebrate writing-whatever your preferred medium may be!

Commute commentary

So maybe I'm trying to be more aware of the small things in life around me. On the commute home a few days ago I noticed something that made me laugh out loud.

There were 3 crows (or large black birds) on one of the tall light posts. As I watched them, the first one puffed up it's chest and shrugged it's shoulders up and down. Then the next on in line did it, then the third.

I started snickering because in my mind these 3 crows became teenage boys, each one puffing out his chest, squaring his shoulders trying to look big, impressive, and "cool". And of course they were playing follow the leader. One guy did it, so I need to, too. I still laugh thinking about it. Maybe it will bring a smile to you!