Saturday, October 31, 2009

the Monster Dash

I ran my first 5K race (the Monster Dash) today. Well, I ran and walked some. It was pretty chilly to start with, and there was also some fairly strong wind. Despite it all, I still was very pleased with my time.

I met my goals and intentions of (1) have fun, (2) finish under an hour (3) don't finish last (4) pay attention to the beautiful surroundings.

Number 4 was wonderful. We actually had sun with clouds, but it was the perfect dazzling mix. I kept peeking out at the sky over the lake that we ran around. It was so beautiful. It was fun to see lots of people dressed up in costumes, as well as people and their dogs dressed in costumes.

I'm not quite sure running a 5K was on my bucket list, but still I can say "5K run," CHECK! I guess I've finally made my debut into the world of running. We'll see how the rest of Fall and Winter goes, and how serious I become about it.

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

5K here I come!

So I've been running with my community ed class and on my own for the past 5 weeks--and I finally took the plunge. I signed up to run my very first 5K race.

On Halloween is a Monster Dash with full marathon, half marathon, 10 mile, 5K, and 5K-9 (run with your dog) races. I will be debuting my 'running' skills in the 5K, along with several other women from my running class.

I have been practicing and running 3 miles or more for the past week, and I am happy with my time. I'm not fast by any means, but I am constantly moving, and most importantly:


Not everyone has the guts and stick-to-it perseverance to do this. I'm excited. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I did it again!

Yep, it's Tuesday. This means I go running in the morning. Fortunately it was not raining when I went out for my run today (though it started raining later this afternoon).

What I did again was go traipsing around my neighborhood, exploring new roads and getting mildly turned around. This was all fine and dandy. Good news in fact. It happened because I completed my planned running route faster than I anticipated! I needed to keep running for longer time, so I kept exploring a new part of my neighborhood.

Today I set the intention before leaving the house "I intend to have fun while running." I had to keep reminding myself a few times, AND I succeeded! I enjoyed myself and think I even developed a rythm. I was outside enjoying the fall weather, the pretty flowers and trees that are changing, as well as the last chance at sunlight we will see in 3 or 4 days (due to rain). It was great! I amazed myself. I just need to remember "it doesn't matter!"

Saturday, October 10, 2009


There was snow on the ground this morning. Yep, already.

It looks like Fall hit us last week with all the rain, and we might already be on our way to winter.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And it doesn't matter!

So I'm in a 6 week "Women's Intro to Running" community education class. I really needed to run this moring, and it was pouring rain. The rain got me a bit worked up, but I remembered what my instructor taught us last week--

"But it doesn't matter!"

If you feel tired and don't want to run, just say to yourself "but it doesn't matter!" If it's cold outside, "but it doesn't matter!" If you go running with you child and you know he or she will run way faster than you "It doesn't matter!"

I had to use it this morning. And I was victorious! It was raining, and I still went out. I ran/walked 2 miles--hooray for me!

Puzzle finished

I finished my puzzle last Saturday. Granted, there were about 2 weeks where I didn't even touch it. Choir started up again, my writing class started, and I'm also in a short, 6 week running class. My free time has been busy.

But I enjoyed finishing that puzzle. While I already bought another one (it was only $3.50) I think I may put this one together again. It is fun the second time around as well, because I can do it even faster.