Saturday, October 31, 2009

the Monster Dash

I ran my first 5K race (the Monster Dash) today. Well, I ran and walked some. It was pretty chilly to start with, and there was also some fairly strong wind. Despite it all, I still was very pleased with my time.

I met my goals and intentions of (1) have fun, (2) finish under an hour (3) don't finish last (4) pay attention to the beautiful surroundings.

Number 4 was wonderful. We actually had sun with clouds, but it was the perfect dazzling mix. I kept peeking out at the sky over the lake that we ran around. It was so beautiful. It was fun to see lots of people dressed up in costumes, as well as people and their dogs dressed in costumes.

I'm not quite sure running a 5K was on my bucket list, but still I can say "5K run," CHECK! I guess I've finally made my debut into the world of running. We'll see how the rest of Fall and Winter goes, and how serious I become about it.

Happy Halloween!

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Julie said...

Good for you! It took me probably 6 months to build up to 3 miles. Kind of pathetic, but I'm not really a runner. It's just that it's free and doesn't require a partner or class (like dancing or tennis or zumba or kickboxing, sigh). Anyway, I hear that after you've mastered 3 miles, you get a runner's high. Hmmm, still waiting for that to return (got up to 3-4 mi in OK and had the high, but I didn't stick with it consistently after the move and had to go back to square 1.) Keep it up! It sure makes you feel good about yourself, doesn't it?