Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anniversary? well, happy some holiday!

Wow! I guess I started this blog a year ago today. That only dawned on me because I realized it is "Happy March Day!" day. And I remember that that was my first post. So...

Happy Anniversary! and also, Happy March Day to you!

I realize I haven't done a lot with this blog, but I'm ok with that. I've had a chance to write a few things, and begin exploring others. I will usually start a post, but then realize I want to go on and on about the topic, and that's not quite the design of a blog. I guess if I discipline myself to write more often, blogging may serve to improve my writing. (I'll have to be brief and to the point. I also do a lot of revision before posting to try to make sure my point is clear and easily understood.) Maybe I'll post more this next year. We'll see!

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