Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Email clutter-bleah!

Well, I got bit by the bug this weekend-yep, that decluttering bug. I kindof enjoy when that bug bites. I started clearing out the bottom of my closet (which was needed) and then while I was checking my email I started deleting massive amounts of old emails (also sorely needed).

I didn't notice how many emails I had originally, but after deleting about 2 full screens of emails I noticed I had a total of some 800+ emails. I kept selecting, and deleting many many emails. Some I wanted to keep and sorted them into the appropriate folders.

I now have about 250 emails. I think that is doable and worthy of a "YAY for me!" because I let go of about 66% of my emails. After exiting I realized a whole other batch of emails (a weekly e-zine I subscribe to) can also probably go, but I'm not going to worry about that just yet.

My criteria in deleting: -
-If I sent it to myself (like I forwarded some good info from work) and haven't opened it yet, it's gone.
-I am on a list serve that sends out sometimes 10+ emails a day. I deleted all the old ones. I'm usually pretty good about clearing them out as the come in, but the volume is so great that I can't keep up. I know that the day for me to unsubscribe to that list serv is coming rapidly closer and closer. But all of the old ones are GONE. I read what I wanted to, deleted all else.
-I also get mailings about twice a month for a committee that I volunteered with about a year and a half ago. I could have become more active in that organization, but decided (long ago) that it was not really my passion. Plus, I got a job, so I haven't attended a meeting since. I still get the emails. I deleted all of those, and I probably should unsubscribe to that one too (but sometimes they do put out useful locally appropriate information; and they don't come so often.) But the day will come when I will unsubscribe to that one too.

So be mindful in your emails. Don't subscribe willy-nilly to all sorts of things. You might feel important because you get all these emails. But then you get a cluttered inbox-which can cause stress because for some insane reason you may feel obligated to read every last email. Don't ever think that, especially with your own personal inbox. Only subscribe to the things that will delight you and engage your mind, things that will inspire you. Why bother subscribing to news and doom and gloom info. That's out there for me to deal with enough, I'm not going to invite it into my inbox (nor my house!)

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