Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tip toe through the Maples

We've had more rain this year than in the previous year or two (since being in our house) and as a result, we have a new problem:

My lawn is now a rainforest of mini maple trees.

I kid you not. I cannot walk to the back shed without counting at least 15 maple saplings in the grass.

The concept of "Reforestation" takes on new meaning when you have 5-6 maple saplings growing out of a crack of your wooden deck.

Spousie wanted to replant the trees, didn't like it when I would just pull them up. Spousie is now over it. We're going to try to save a few that have grown the most and are the strongest, and hopefully the rest will dry out with the weather.

Just be careful as you "Tip toe, through the Maples!"

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