Friday, August 6, 2010

Good Reading & Flowers

I am dragging my feet closer to placing a much needed order for flower essences, via

For a fabulous article that proved so insightful to me and for understanding myself on my own journey of healing and making sense of my life–go to that website. On the menu on the left select "Articles" then scroll down and select "On being an Empath" (second from the bottom).

It's a bit long, but on my first read I was completely sucked into it because I finally felt like someone understood me!

Understanding and coming to appreciate my empathic gift I have also learned how to protect myself from unwitting others nearby with messed up emotions that I don't want to absorb or take on. Molly's flower essences have been AMAZING and extremely helpful in this. I'm going to order more Golden Armour, Teasel, and Ladies Bedstraw. (The last one helps me to sleep much better than I do on my own sometimes).

Check out Molly's blog (as I call it) over on the right side of my page. She writes from her own experience and reality, which is a reality that I share far more closely than I do with almost anything I see on TV or in the movies. Her down-to-earth personability and wit keep me checking her blog regularly. As do her phenomenal pictures of the flowers!

Make it a wonderful day, and stop to say hi to the flowers (don't just smell them)!

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