Sunday, August 3, 2008

To save a baby bird

A few weeks ago returning from a morning walk, my spouse and I noticed a baby robin hanging in one of the trees! It was hanging by some type of thread or wire which had caught on some branch near it's nest. The poor little thing was hanging by one leg upside down. I felt so bad for the little bird!

I wanted to do something. It was a windy day, and the poor thing was getting blown around. We looked around our apartment complex to try to find a ladder. All we found was a short one. I waited until the office opened and called them, still no luck. I tried some friends--they had some ladders, but no way to get them to our place. I really felt bad for the little bird and was almost getting panicky as the day wore on. We ended up dragging a picnic table over and stacking the small ladder we found on top of that. Some guys in the parking lot saw us and helped us out too.

We were able to cut the bird down, and had to detangle some type of thread off the bird's leg, which had already been wrapped around and was choking the leg. One of the guys that helped us said it was some type of thread from old carpet that had been taken out of the building and was thrown in the dumpster. :( We released the baby bird and set some water down near where we left it.

The cool thing is--the whole time momma and poppa bird were flying around, nearby, and bringing food to their stranded little upside-down hanging baby. They brought berries and other things. It was neat to see the dedication of these parents. They were also freaking out and chirping away at us as we tried to cut down their baby. After we released baby robin, one of the parents helped move baby to some deeper grass til it recouperated and the next day it was gone.

Baby robin might be a gimp for the rest of his/her life, or baby robin may have died a few days later from infection, a broken foot, or any other number of things. But I just couldn't let it die hanging in a tree! I had to do my little part.

O the drama of life!

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