Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mulch melodrama

Yesterday I felt like a cowboy, due to the smell factor. We have over a half acre of land, which produces at times, a lot of grass clippings when we mow the lawn. So far, we have dumped the extra clippings (or leaves from last fall) into our wooded area in the back yard.

Recently we've been looking into composting, and/or some other way to use/get rid of the grass clippings. Rather than composting, we decided to put those clippings and leaves back on the lawn and turn them into mulch (very fine particles of natural organic matter). We bought a mulching blade for our lawn mower and shoveled all the previously cut grass out of the woods, and strewed it over the lawn, and then ran over it with the mulching blade and let it fall back to the ground (to provide nutrients to the lawn).

Well, it has been a while since we last dumped the grass clippings, and between that and the dead leaves--it was a compost heap without the borders. It was hot, humid, buggy, and it STANK!

We dumped the leaves & grass on the lawn and I was spreading it out. It reminded me of the smell of manure, and I felt a bit like a farm hand-shoveling (crap) around to fertilize the crops or something. But I still felt a bit proud. I hope this helps the lawn out a lot! (and the smell has gone away now that we turned it all into itty bits of mulch and dried out.)

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