Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Starting a puzzle!

I started working on a new 1000 piece puzzle on the 7th (two days ago). I've already made quite a bit of progress, though I'm missing one border piece. I'm just posting about when I started this puzzle, because a while back I finished a different 1000 piece puzzle. That puzzle probably took a month or more to finish it, and it wasn't even fun! I wish I had made note of when I started, so I would know how long it took me.

The last puzzle I completed did not have a full picture of the puzzle on the front cover--only the back and of course it was shrunk down some too, to make room for the other writing they had on the back. The picture on the back was not clear, and there were sections that were just black/grey.

It was my first puzzle with 1000 pieces, and I almost didn't know where to start. Of course you always start with the frame, and I was able to work on sections, but putting the pieces together that were just black smear on the picture, yet were varying shades of grey and purples on the pieces--that was just a bit maddening. I eventually had to put it together piece by piece by matching the SHAPE of the puzzle pieces. I got it done, and it felt a bit triumphant, but only because it was so blasted hard!

After that experience I decided I will only get puzzles with clear pictures of what it's supposed to look like, AND have a bit more 'brighter' colors. The one I'm working on now has some gorgeous sunlight flooding over mountains, and patches of flowers near and far. I'm making progress, AND I'm having FUN, too!

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