Thursday, July 30, 2009

I did it again!

I have been going for walks the past few weeks on my days off of work. I have been exploring my still relatively new-to-me neighborhood. Last week I went for a walk to learn where the 'nearby' park and lake were located. My 20 minute walk turned into about 40+ minutes as I came out of the path somewhere and had to walk around a bit until I figured out where I was.

And, I did it again today!

Today I walked for close to an hour, which is ok and what I ultimately had wanted to do. It was also alright in the fact that I brought a small bottle of water with me today. I knew the general direction of my house, but there a lots of small short and windy roads that I don't yet know how they fully connect to one another. (Lots of roads ending in Ct, Trl, Dr, Ln, stuff like that which indicates a mess of spaghetti for roads.)

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