Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Letting go of more

So, after attending The Unstoppable Power of Intention retreat, (and being reduced to working 3 days a week) I've gone on a decluttering spree again. It feels great!

I've cleared out 2 closets and turned them into storage spaces for items only to do with the specific intent of that room. (i.e. craft stuff is now in my crafting room closet, officey things are now in my office closet.)

I've also been working on decluttering the storage room in our basement. It is a disaster and it smells stank (like clutter) too! I got rid of several things. Old blankets and valences I would never use, my wedding dress, books, old dishes and more.

When I cleared out my crafting things, I realized I could part with all my construction paper--I donated it to the nearby elementary school. I called to see if they could use it, (along with a few other supplies) and the lady welcomed the donation!

I took books over to Half Price Books to see if I could get any money for them, and dropped a collection off at "iSoldit" an ebay selling facility. (It saves me the time and trouble of submitting it on ebay).

I've gotten rid of more than 50 lbs. of stuff, a little money for some books, a great feeling for donating to the school, and lots more SPACE and mental clarity for getting rid of things I no longer love or need! Yay!

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