Monday, March 1, 2010


Well, here's wishing you a Happy March Day! I sent Happy March Day cards to family members across the country (I hope they arrived today) and gave them to friends and coworkers.

A friend and I are reading Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach this year. A big focus is on finding/uncovering/discovering or getting reaquainted with your authentic self.

Nothing could actualize this better than a celebration of Happy March Day and cards sent all around.

Happy March Day began probably more than 15 years ago when in high school, I forgot to send my valentine cards to my friends. Well, rather than wait a whole year to use the cards, I created a fun and zany way to use my cards up anyway–Happy March Day!

To make a Happy March Day card, you can use pre-existing valentines cards, or make a heart shaped card. The fun and zany-ness comes from how you morph or convert these cards. Any time it says "Happy Valentines Day" you scratch out "Valentine's"' and write in "Happy March Day" (Yes, to the point that it will say "Happy 'Happy March Day'".) If it says "Be my Valentine", in this context you scratch out the word "Valentine" and scribble in "Happy March Day Pal".

Happy March Day is easy to celebrate–it's goofy and fun, and about friendship. Valentine's day has too much stress about romance and all that jazz. Happy March Day is about platonic relationships, celebrating friends and family that you can be your (goofy) self with.

So, Will you be my Happy March Day Pal?

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