Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The silver mist that follows me

On one of my last few days at my last job, I took a half day off. I got my hair cut, and then went to the Audi dealership and bought a car.

I needed a NEW 'do and a NEW car to start my NEW job and NEW outlook on life.

And let me confess: I LOVE MY AUDI!

While trying to learn a lot of new things at work and feeling my head spin, every time I get into my car I feel a Zen moment. It's quite. It rides (and glides) so smoothly. I have seat warmers (Heaven!) The seats are comfortable. And another thing I love--

The silver mist that follows me!

The headlights on this baby are so much more powerful than my last car I keep feeling that I've got my high beams on. When I drive at night I always see a silver or grey mist up ahead, and I kept forgetting that, omigosh! It's my lights! I LOVE it! I'm not scared that I will run over any late night pedestrians or dog walkers in my neighborhood anymore.

So, go check it out, and prepare to drool! www.audiusa.com

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