Saturday, May 22, 2010

Touching History

Today I attended an event for women veterans. I myself do not belong in this category, but I wanted to learn more about the women veterans in my state. It was so neat to see women of all ages, who had served in probably all the different branches of the military.

I joined a group of ladies and got talking with them. They were all Marines. One was a Marine veteran from World War II. I will admit my ignorance that I had no idea that there were women Marines during that time period. I had heard of WASP's, or Women Air Service Pilots, but I guess I was (and still am) pretty clueless to the role women have played in the military throughout our nation's history. It is something I want to learn more about, and today I got to reach out and touch a bit of that history, by talking with those women. It was fascinating to me.

I won a door prize at the event–a necklace. I felt a bit awkward–I think the person who donated it thought it would go to a veteran. I wondered if I should give it to a woman veteran. I made my peace with the issue and realized I will keep it, because every time I wear it, I will think of our country's women veterans, and their amazing legacy that hopefully will come to light someday.

I don't believe in God, but here's a sentiment I agree with: 'God bless our women veterans!'

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