Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Link between Action and Trust

When it came time to think about choosing my word for the year, the first word that resonated with me was TRUST. There were a lot of unknowns in my life at the time. My spouse's job was in the air, financial worry crept in, and I wanted to TRUST that everything would work out OK.

I ultimately decided on a different word though. My historical experiences/connotations with TRUST were often more anxiety-ridden, feeling that "I need to TRUST that Heavenly Father will take care of me and things will work out." But that sort of mentality about TRUST was not one of genuine TRUST. It was fear masquerading as bravado and trust that an outside source would take care of me. It was not the peaceful, deeply rooted, knowing in my being that things really would work out. (At least that is not how I typically experienced it, though my lip service may have lead others to believe otherwise.)

Instead, I chose the word ACTION, because I wanted to focus on what I can do, and what I can control. Oddly enough, it's taught me a lot about TRUST.

For example, Tuesday I felt the urge to start delving into Kundalini yoga, which is the type that my yoga studio is really big on. I had a strong desire to attend the Tuesday night class, which was early enough after work that I wouldn't have time for dinner, and I worried that by the time it was over I might be ravenous.

But I went! I put aside my fears and TRUSTED my gut and my inner desires. And that TRUST lead to my ACTION. I attended the class and it was great! I felt energized, I felt great, and I slept extremely well that night.

I'm glad I chose the word I did. And I'm glad I'm learning how intricately connected ACTION is to TRUST. As I learn to TRUST myself, my desires, this will lead to ACTIONS that I will be proud of and pleased with.

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