Saturday, June 4, 2011

From Seeing Red to Green

I use my Outlook calendar at work to stay organized. If there is a report or request due, I place it on my calendar and label it in red. Once I've submitted the report, I change it to white. In this manner, if I see a lot of red, I know there are reports to be run, compiled, and forwarded up the chain. The first of the month is particularly busy, with between 7-9 reports due (at least) every first workday of the month. This week, I saw an awful lot of red, every single day.
What a nice blessing to come home, see my beautiful yard, and right now I'm sitting on the deck, looking over our lush green lawn, scanning the maple tree (that recently littered her helicopters all over the lawn and deck) and enjoying the sound of the birds.
I saw a lot of red this week at work, and I did my best not to stress over it. I knew it would all get done in time, and it did. I know from experience that I didn't need to fret about it. So I didn't. I just got one report done, and then another. And now I'm home and enjoy seeing green, rather than red.

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