Saturday, April 5, 2008

job hunter blues

Well, I heard back from places where I have interviewed, and the responses were "we're proceeding with another candidate". It is always a blow to the self-esteem (especially if you aren't currently working). I may have mentioned I love reading some HR blogs and remembered some wise cousel I've read on the Career Encourager's website, including this posting

I realized that I would not have been a good fit for the position, nor feel fulfilled in the work. I knew I would have gotten bored once I had mastered the necessary skills. I also remember's the Career Encourager's advice from this post

so I emailed a brief, profressional thank you (it's nice to know for certain where you stand) and wished them good luck with their new candidate. Because I'm not bitter. It's just a bit dissapointing, even if I didn't want the position. Thank goodness I have my flowers to nurture me through this!

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