Saturday, April 5, 2008

Simple Pleasures

ok, so I went AWOL for a little while. In that time various things have happened (or haven't happened). The most important is that I started my flower seeds earlier this week. A mere 1 to 2 days later there are tiny sprouts shooting up from the dirt! I can't resist looking at them every time I walk by them. It is amazing and very heartening to see. Also, amidst a fairly heavy snow-fall, I saw a robin hopping on my deck, out of the wind and snow, taking a little breather. I actually suspect that the previous owners of this place had some bird-feeders and this robin was looking for some grub. I woke up April 2nd before my alarm clock rang, and heard birds singing. Ahhhh. These are the simple pleasures of life--for me at least!

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