Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy March Day!

Happy March Day to you! For those of you who don't know of this historic holiday, I created it one year in high school after forgetting to use my Valentine's day cards. Ever resourceful, I came up with a way to still use the cards, with out all the romantic emphasis. I took my Valentine's Day cards and penned out any time the word "Valentine" appeared. The cards morphed from saying: Will you be my Valentine? into Will you be my (written above the scratched out "valentine") Happy March Day pal? And instead of Happy Valentine's Day, it became Happy Happy March Day (yes, two happys).

Well, my friends and family were amused and it caught on, for a few years at least. The following years my friends returned the favor and we had a blast exchanging these warped Valentines-now-turned-Happy March Day cards with one another!
Ahh, memories. I think I'll call up some of those friends and family to wish them a Happy March Day!

and welcome to my blog.

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