Monday, March 10, 2008

learning something new

I just figured out how to add a list of my favorite blogs on here. I saw that my friend Molly over at Green Hope Farm has a new post. I'll have to go check it out. Let me put in a free plug for her and her workers--I have used Green Hope Farm flower essences and I LOVE them! I love how she makes them, in harmony with the angels and the elementals. I even love that she doesn't use alcohol as the base for her tincture's and the story behind it. I am so on her side and am trying to do some gardening on my patio hand in hand with the angels too. Not that I have any experience with this, but I'm spreading my wings and learning LOTs of new things!

These flower essences have also helped a lot in letting go of emotional clutter and so much clutter on a very subtle and different level. I support her in her mission of healing and sharing a very non-invasive, and NON-TOXIC way to help so many others heal. Blessings to you Molly!

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