Friday, March 21, 2008

Mirror, mirror on the wall

My goal for the next (at least) week is to actually look at myself (in the eyes) while brushing my teeth. Sound silly? Let me explain.

While a missionary overseas I remember a particular missionary companion who either helped me to realize what I'm about to share, or she shared some comment that drove this point home to me.

If I don't feel very good about myself, for whatever reason, I don't like to look at myself in the mirror. Sure, I can fix my hair, make up, etc, but I don't look at me. I avoid looking myself in the eyes. Any mirror anywhere, I don't make eye contact with myself. It's as if I can't stand the person I am, so I avoid having to look at or confront the reality of being unhappy with myself.

But there are moments in my life history where I have felt the complete opposite. I remember times where I sat on the sink ledge and brushed my teeth looking myself in the eyes and being completely happy with myself. The more I looked at me, the more I accepted myself as is.

So, I've noticed that I've been grabbing my toothbrush and started running to another room to try to take care of "one more thing". I've been stopping myself to take the time to confront myself and find the part of me that I have been disconnecting from and look myself in the eyes. I am starting to feel better about myself.

Don't believe me? Take the challenge: Give yourself one to two weeks of uninterrupted "me time" in front of the mirror as you brush your teeth. Look yourself in the eyes. Notice the natural beauty in you. It doesn't matter if you are old, young, wrinkley, etc. There is beauty in you. Take the time to look for it. Then accept it. Then feel it from the inside. YOU are awesome! Love yourself!

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