Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Letting go of career options clears clutter, and causes anxiety

Well, I am job hunting right now. I have just said no to two different positions. It has been a little scary, and for one position I feel a few pangs of regret. But I know that I don't want to work the hours needed for success in that field. So while it's scary to say "no" to a position, I am being honest with myself and trying to open myself up to what I do want to do. Unfortunately, I still feel a little bit stuck in the phase of being able to only define what I don't want to do rather than be able to state clearly what I do want to do.

I realized that some of the anxiety from saying to no what I don't want to do is still tied into past ways of thinking--that every decision has life-and-death consequences. It doesn't.

I have discovered Christine Kane's website and I absolutely love it! Once I know how to link to it I will. I recently read one of her posts
It was so helpful and expertly articulated what I am learning--choices and decisions aren't life and death and full of immediate results. We learn and grow and keep moving and learning and growing. I just need to remind myself--as I let go of what I don't want, I make more room for the beautiful wonderful things I do want. Even the beautiful and wonderful things that I don't even know that I want right now. It is okay and safe for me to say no and not accept a position that I wouldn't be happy in. I am learning to be true to myself, and that is the greatest gift I can offer the world.

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