Thursday, March 13, 2008

My purpose for this blog

You'd think it would be about time I stated my purpose for this blog. It entails a little about me and my life experiences up to this point.

I was born and raised in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka LDS, aka Mormon, aka (probably a lot of other things). I believed in it. I lived the best I could according to what I believed to be 'true'. I even served as a full time missionary over seas for the church. Was married in the temple, and then resigned my membership with said church about 9 months ago.

Church teachings (of any church) and philosophy completely colors and covers the canvas of a person's life experience. It provides a lens of how to perceive everything. That can be a good and comforting thing. It can also cause claustrophobia, encourage you to stay small, play it safe, and not really live the life of your dreams. In other words, it can be pretty damaging as well.

This blog is an opportunity for me to process my life journey and this transition that has taken place. I'd like to share how a person can go from being a TBM (true believing mormon) to someone who doesn't believe in a theistic god-being. It really is quite the transformation. I know that there are several people out there choosing to leave their religion. It is scary. It is frightening. You truly are stepping out into the unknown--this takes REAL faith! I invite you to join with me on my journey. As you may have noticed from other posts, de-cluttering is my thing. I will blog about decluttering physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual baggage. There truly is FAR too much mental, emotional, and especially spiritual baggage in this world. Join with me as I strive to continually--let it go!

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