Monday, March 10, 2008

two things

Ok I admit it. I am basically addicted to Christine Kane's blog. I've begun reading her archived material from her earliest work forward in order. (of course I follow other leads and jump around, too.) One of her posts mentioned that you should never have more than 2 items on your "to do" list.
I remembered that today. I got my taxes done (finally!) and did the laundry. Count them, one, two. Done! yay! I've also done a bunch of other things, but I tried to stay focused on the big "one-two" and made sure they were done. Simple, not necessarily easy (I have been getting side-tracked a lot lately!), but definitely accomplishable. And it's a great feeling!
One of these days I'll have to write the purpose of this blog. Some day that will be one item of the new one-two punch!

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